Thanks for visiting. I am an independent unit publicist and film publicity consultant based in Malibu, CA. For unit publicity, I am a member of IATSE International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 and able to negotiate fees directly with producers no matter where a film may shoot. My agency deal with the union also allows me to consult on lower-budget efforts. Movies shooting in Southern California are the most geographically desirable, but I have access to inexpensive lodging in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area and am able to travel anywhere. As a consultant on completed or nearly-completed films making ready for festivals, markets or delivery, I can be compensated at either a daily or a monthly rate. Please click on the home page photos immediately below for writing samples related to recent work; for writing samples and anecdotes about my "greatest hits" from the deeper past, click on the center square. And please click on the contact button to reach me about future work or, really, anything.